Bespoke solutions

Have you already identified an Artificial Intelligence use case in your company ? Do you lack of expertise to develop it, scale it or make it production-ready? This is where Sagesse Bespoke Services come in, from data collection and preparation to production deployment, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction!

Automated live production & live diffusion

Deep video analysis, translation, transcription and tagging

Optimized video encoding and delivery

Visual recognition

Anomaly detection

Content production

Search optimization & voice based virtual assistants

Post production

Our vision is to develop an Artificial Intelligence that understands content creation to deliver it like a human does.

Sagesse AI Inc. services

Research & Development

Innovation, along with all R&D activities, is crucial for our customers performance. The objective is to ensure technological leadership and expand in key areas, while developing products with unique selling propositions. Sagesse AI Inc. is your professional development partner.

Software outsourcing

We offer development and project delivery services, application modernization, integration services and agile testing. Sagesse focus in providing personalized services for customers around the world, from planning to final delivery of scalable and easy-to-maintain solutions.

Business and system analysis

Combining a deep understanding of vertical markets/technologies and 20+ years of experience, Sagesse is different from many software outsourcing providers. We deploy innovative Business Analysis methods to help organizations better express their business needs.

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